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Einoma - Lost and Found - 12"
Einoma - Lost and Found

12" (vinyl)

Shipwrec SHIP04
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electronica / IDM.

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A new record by the Icelandic Einoma duo is always welcome over here, and I'm glad that this "Lost & Found" confirms this act's return to their decks, after a long pause brought to an end last year. There are three new tracks to be heard this time around: a long, pumping A side which sounds a lot more techno than anything I can remember hearing from these guys, and two B side pieces that carries a definite darkish elements in their early Warp era IDM. A bit muffled, warm but somewhat industrial-minded, Einoma beats haven't changed much, meaning that we get a nice piece of somber IDM on vinyl (something which has become very rare these days). Recommended.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
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