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Ekaros - The Hunt Is On - 2x12"
Ekaros - The Hunt Is On

2x12" (vinyl)

Abstractions (Creative Space) abstract002
File under
industrial / noise / downtempo / dubstep & grime.

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Following the already very noisy and heavy 12" by Cloaks's Oyaarss side-project, the Abstraction side-label of Creative Space comes up with another very nice discovery. This time, we're offered the debut 2x12" album by a fresh Greek act called Ekaros, who managed over the course of six tracks to go from scraping, mean-spirited distorted dubstep to heavy dub techno and dark electronica. You've understood, the focus here is on noisy beats and oppressive atmospheres, but the whole thing is presented in many flavors and with a lot of talent. Here's something which could (and should) appeal to people ranging from Dead Fader & Cloaks fans to Broken Note addicts or people into Ancient Methods & co. Very recommended.

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