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Element Abuse - Unbirth - CD
Element Abuse - Unbirth
Element Abuse


YB70 (Modulo) YB70 13
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industrial / breakcore / techno.

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Debut album by the british Element Abuse, who offers here a very pummeling, hard-hitting and distorted CD somewhere along at the meeting point of rhythmic noise and straight, dark and hard tech. Unsurprisingly snapped by YB70 and sounding like the bastard child of Iszoloscope and Laurent Ho, "Unbirth" is not exactly smiling or upbeat, but has enough crunchy, dark and distorted beats to appeal to anybody into Zhark Berlin's, Praxis's or mid-ear Ant Zen's material.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
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and the girl said "can you play some pretty drum'n'bass?"