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Emi Ono - Kuro Shinju / Moon - 12"
Emi Ono - Kuro Shinju / Moon
Emi Ono

12" (vinyl)

Hotflush Recordings HFT003
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Ok kids. It's been said and repeated that plenty of dubstep producers were getting closer and closer to techno (in its Berlin or Detroit forms) in the last months, and here comes a full force techno record from what was so far a pretty much dubstep label (Hotflush, the label managed by Scuba). It's all really straight, up-tempo, and deliciously Basic Channel / Chain Reaction dubby. At times muscular for the genre, still rather minimal and with a slight dose of garage thrown in the mix, this might not be the best record to throw in a breakcore set, but techno heads will appreciate.
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