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Enduser & Submerged - Appropriate and Deface - digital
Enduser & Submerged - Appropriate and Deface
Enduser / Submerged

digital (digital download)

Ad Noiseam adn54d
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breakcore / drum'n'bass & jungle.

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On the tail of Enduser’s successful releases on Ad Noiseam, and introducing Submerged to the label, “Appropriate and deface” is a meeting of these two icons of the hard drum’n’bass scene, bringing a new face to a massive sound, new clothes to an energetic genre. Enduser is on everybody’s lips for his efficient combination of d’n’b and breaks and Submerged is known for unleashing monstrous basses through his Ohm Resistance label, the two had never worked together; it had to be corrected, here comes their encounter. Hide the subwoofers.
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