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F - Energy Distortion - CD
F - Energy Distortion


7even 7EVENCD01
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dubstep & grime / techno.

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Split in three distinct vinyl releases, F's "Energy Distortion" comes up here on vinyl, gathering 13 new tracks by this French post-dubstep, dub techno producer. As usual, the sound is very clear and dynamic, all echoed and reverbed it might be. There's clearly a strong Berlin influence here, this material reminding strongly of some of the most energetic instrumental material from the whole Basic Channel school. And still, "Energy Distortion" is a pretty impressive effort, with solid tracks from start to finish. F has also managed to upgrade this whole sound, which keeps his album from sounding retro. Straight, club-friendly, well done and recommended.
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The CD version contains 13 tracks, 9 of which also appear on the three "Energy Distortion" records. This CD has therefore four exclusive tracks, and each record one.
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