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Eraldo Bernocchi & Blackfilm - Along The Corridors - CD
Eraldo Bernocchi & Blackfilm - Along The Corridors
Blackfilm / Eraldo Bernocchi


Vital VITAL007
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hip-hop / electronica / downtempo.

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After a much remarked first album, Blackfilm is back with this album co-written with the Italian serial-collaborator Eraldo Bercnocchi. While the first track kicks in surprisingly dubstepy, the whole album settles between trip-hop and slow-moving, bassy downtempo beats (Mick Harris and Bill Laswell's influences hover over a few tracks) mixed with well found synthetic melodies. The whole thing has a definite illbient / dark-hop vein (for those of you who remember these terms) and as such works particularely well. Urban but not particularely zeit-geisty, dark but not oppressive: a solid headphone contender.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
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