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Excision & Subvert - Rude Symphony / Darkness - 12"
Excision & Subvert - Rude Symphony / Darkness
Excision / Subvert

12" (vinyl)

Rottun Recordings ROTTUN008
File under
dubstep & grime.

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Nice choice of a collaborator from Excision: not very well known so far, Subvert seems to have a knick at writing very catchy, relatively heavy hip-hop leaning dubstep tracks without the whole "bro" decorum, which provides here a very nice contrast to Excision's otherwise more than heavy handed "evil" bass lines. Less direct than this guy's past record with Datsik, a bit more melodic, and slightly syncopated (in a good way) on the strong "Darkness" track, here's a record that might not be exactly what Excision's fans would expect, but which I all the more enjoy (well, past the awful-as-usual artwork, but that's another story)
This product is not in stock at the moment.

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