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Excision - X-Rated - CD
Excision - X-Rated


Mau5trap Recordings MAU5CDP009
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electro / dubstep & grime.

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A very happy surprise, and really not at all what I expected. Deadmau5's obvious intend at tapping on the dubstep scene following the success of Skrillex takes the form of a remarkably balanced album by Excision. While this musician's material is usually synonymous with particularly unsubtle, cliché-heavy US dubstep, "X-Rated" is a lot more varied. There are several heavy nods to electro-house (well, it's Deadmau5's label after all), but the rest of the album is a lot better thought than most of his 12" EP were. Of course, it's mostly muscular, but even the hardest track (often collaboration with Rottun regulars such as Downlink, Datsik or Skism) work better than expected. The CD itself is as hideous as ever, but the music is a genuine good surprise, at least for me.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
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