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Falty DL - Human Meadow Remixes - 12"
Falty DL - Human Meadow Remixes
Falty DL

12" (vinyl)

Planet Mu ZIQ231
File under
electro / IDM.

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Interesting but hard to review first record for New York' s Falty DL on Planet Mu, following another one on Ramp. The track "Human Meadow" is presented in three remixed versions and considering that I've never heard the original (which I don't think was ever released), I can speak only about the remixers: Boxcutter delivers an excellent downtempo-ish IDM track, full of details and sharpness. Mu-ziq uses a lot more vocals and tempo changes, while Luke Vibert comes up with a more housy, uplitfing and quite fun version. All in all an interesting record somewhere between IDM, garage and techno.
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