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Fanny / Davros - NTK 003 - 12"
Fanny / Davros - NTK 003
Fanny / Davros

12" (vinyl)

Noizetek NTK 003
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Ah, it feels good to get some new Davros material, as this Abelcain side-project hadn't had anything out since 2001. Sharing the bill on this 12" are two of the biggest names of the american breakcore scene. While Fanny spits out three noisy, syncopated and dark tracks as he affectionates them, Davros's ones are an outright assault of sudden breaks and fast beats, supporeted by a really strong production. Mash some Venetian Snares beats and Cdatakill basslines, add Abelcain's attention deficit disorder rhythms, and you get a very tasty record which should make quite a few jump in extacy.
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