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Fanny / Shatterbreak - Split - 12"
Fanny / Shatterbreak - Split
Fanny / Shatterbreak

12" (vinyl)

No Room For Talent (Feed The Machine) NRFTR 12.03
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Back in stock! A highly toxic record pressed onto toxic green transparent vinyl. On the first side, Fanny presents a new track (distorted, broken and very Fanny-like) and a remix of Cdatakill's "Murders" while, on the other, Shatterbreaks speeds things up and invite everybody on the dancefloor with a new track and a remix of one by Xanopticon. Gritty, energetic and clearly taylored for the dancefloor, here's another delivery from one of the few remaining american labels for breakcore.
This product is not in stock at the moment.

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