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Feed Me - Calamari Tuesday - 3x12"
Feed Me - Calamari Tuesday
Feed Me

3x12" (vinyl) (also available on CD)
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Sotto Voce SOVOD001
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electro / techno / pop.

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Feed Me (which will stay for me a Spor side-project, even though it might have become Jonathan Gooch's main moniker) must have brainstormed quite heavily while working on his second album. With a first which came right at the right time and the right spot to conquer the then-exploding American "dubstep" scene (2010 and Deadmaus's Maustrap label), he could either repeat his still European-influence sound, or go full force towards the much more mainstream and pop North American audience. Sadly for us, he chose the second option. Therefore, while "Calamari Tuesday" is a well produced, tight album, it is also replete with bad taste, cheesiness and full on FM radio-whoring. A well executed exercise in non-interesting trance-pop-electro-house-bass, even for people who quite liked the previous album.
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