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FFF - 20.000 Hardcore Members Can't Be Wrong - 2xCD
FFF - 20.000 Hardcore Members Can't Be Wrong

2xCD (CD)

Murder Channel MURCD-010
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breakcore / mash-up / drum'n'bass & jungle / dancehall.

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Double CD value-pack by breakcore / raggacore über-veteran FFF, and actually his very first full length on CD. The first disc is a 13 track collection of insidious and infectious jungly breakcore track, most of them supported by FFF's trademark ragga and dancehall vocal samples. The second one gathers 15 remixes by the like of Cardopusher, LFO Demon, Zombieflesheater and others, and has a more breakcore and hardcore (should I resuscitate the "trancecore" denomination?) feeling. All in all: super energetic, well down, and impossible to resist on a dancefloor.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
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It is an interesting release because the songs are generative.