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Fire At Work - Resurrection - 12"
Fire At Work - Resurrection
Fire At Work

12" (vinyl)

Idroscalo Dischi DISCO 8
File under
industrial / breakcore / downtempo.

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I had to check the sides of this record a couple of time when reviewing it, as while there's only one track (the title one) on the A side and two remixes on the B one, Fire At Work's tune is already divided into two very distinct part: starting in a rather industrial, slightly noisy and broken manner, it evolves at one point to a more downtempo-ish, clearer and relaxed one. On the other side, Somatic Responses deliver a remix which, though full of the duo's typical bassy and bubbly sound, has some nice laid back passages. Not as much as the final D'Arcangelo tune though, a beautiful, not too tricky piece of melodic electronica. All in all there's really something for everybody here, and it's quite nice to see that Fire At Work are still, well, at work.

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