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Flat T - Machines / Gut Wrench - digital
Flat T - Machines / Gut Wrench
Flat T

digital (digital download)

Section 8 Records (Plush Recordings) SECTION8047D
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drum'n'bass & jungle / dubstep & grime.

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One track to headnod to, and one side to dance to. Flat T's "Machine" is a dark and gritty half step / dubstep number which reminds a bit of a calmer version of Reso's "Ishimura", with its short movie sample, its heavy bass and the slightly cinematic pads. Quite a nice track, and overall more convincing than the more regular, semi-hard drum'n'bass number which is "Gut Wrench". While the later might be nice and probably efficient in a club, the opening tune is, in my opinion, where Flat T shows more talent and originality.
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