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Flint Glass / Polarlicht 4.1 / Transistor - Zoran's Equation - CD
Flint Glass / Polarlicht 4.1 / Transistor - Zoran's Equation
Flint Glass / Polarlicht 4.1 / Transistor


Funkwelten FW013
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industrial / electronica / dark.

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Collaborative CD between France's Flint Glass and Germany's Polarlicht4.1 (joined as well by Transistor, itself a Polarlicht side-project), in which Flint Glass's somber atmospheres and cinematic ambiances get to fiddle with Polarlich's heavy handed industrial glitches. Dark as expected, less "tribal" and esoteric as most of Flint Glass's output, but flowing better than Polarlicht's solo efforts, here's a pretty nice album for people who like their industrial soundscapes clear and heavy but not completely drone-based. Fans of both bands, rejoice.
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