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Forbidden Society / Engage - Not Your Toy / Warlock - digital
Forbidden Society / Engage - Not Your Toy / Warlock
Forbidden Society / Engage

digital (digital download)

Forbidden Society Recordings FSRECLTD005
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drum'n'bass & jungle.

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The two tracks on this new digital EP delivered by Forbidden Society (the label) are quite varied. Forbidden Society (the artist) opens with a solid but very accessible tune which contrasts greatly with his usually very dark and pummeling tracks, resulting in something which, though nice, might not be as original as we could have expected. On the other hand, Russia's Engage comes up with a hard, slightly distorted and melodic track which reminds quite a lot of Enduser's late material, and is sure to make a lot of listeners happy around here. A nice little EP, recommended mostly for its digital B side.
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