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Foxdye - Infinite Mystery Forever - 12"
Foxdye - Infinite Mystery Forever

12" (vinyl)

Fukdup records FKDP008
File under
breakcore / IDM / techno.

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I really had to do a double take with this new Foxdye 12". I was expecting more happy-hardcore-meets-breakcore party beats from this artist (in other word, something along the line of the previous releases), and got a much more contained, straight and reduced mixture of start-stop IDM and (gasp) dub-oriented techno. It's all a lot more mature (hence justifying the ten pages booklet), not as crazy and over the top, but still contains some rather wild and energetic moments. You've been warned, though: this is a "nicer" record, and something which goes beyond making you pop chemicals and grab the nearest glowsticks.

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