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Foxdye - M4g1c47 G71mmer1ng R41nb0w - CD
Foxdye - M4g1c47 G71mmer1ng R41nb0w


Fukdup records FKDP004
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mash-up / rave / hardcore.

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As with the recent 12" on Death$ucker, haters are going to have a fieldtrip with Foxdye's 2010 debut CD and its short outbursts of happy hardcore mixed with bad taste, internet absurdity and anything-goes approach. It's really fun and totally disrespectful, but it works pretty well for what it is (and for nothing else). Ten years ago, this would have been released on Tigerbeat6 and a few years later, it would have ended on Wrong Music: do you need something to spin between early Kid606 and Shitmat? Foxdye it should be.
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