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Frank Riggio - Psychexcess I - Presentism - CD
Frank Riggio - Psychexcess I - Presentism
Frank Riggio


Hymen (Ant Zen) Y798
File under
electronica / downtempo / glitch.

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Frank Riggio's to the "Texturtion / Distosolista" is a slightly less sci-fi, but somewhat more emotional and evocative album, which fits its cover artwork very well. Naive and soundtrack-oriented at times, often glitchy and complex, it is a very carefully crafted whole. Potentially the fruit of long listening sessions to Amon Tobin's "Isam" and Hecq's "Steeltongued", it is highly dynamic and subtle, though all in all calm and charming. A very solid and recommended work.
This product is not in stock at the moment.

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