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Frederik Schikowski - In Geordneten Verhält - 12"
Frederik Schikowski - In Geordneten Verhält
Frederik Schikowski

12" (vinyl)

Sozalistischer Plattenbau / The Brain Records spb12024 / tbr002
File under
breakcore / electro.

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Long silent and very underrated German chiptune experimentator Frederik Schikowski finally makes a come-back of sort, publishing more than a decade after his album for Irritant a compilation of eleven tracks (mostly written in the 90's). It's all very accessible this time around, quite straightforward and has a good dosis of funk, and while it might remind a bit of some Legowelt works, there is a distinct crunchiness and playfulness to Schikowski's material which is rarely found anywhere else. Recommended.
This product is not in stock at the moment.

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