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Frl. Linientreu - Lifelines - CD
Frl. Linientreu - Lifelines
Frl. Linientreu


Ant Zen (Hymen, Bazooka Joe) / Le Petit Machiniste ACT256 / LPM021
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industrial / electronica / rhythmic noise.

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There's quite a lot to hear in this first album by Germany's Ms Linientreu, co-released by Ant Zen and Le Petit Machiniste: tracks range from the classical, all out rhythmic noise dance numbers to gritty, ambient-ish ones, semi-ironic new-wave songs, and pretty much everything in between. And while part of this CD might work in the club, it all seems more of a usual industrial CD, an introspect patchwork of dissonant frequences, noises and sampling experimentations. Not bad, but lacking some focus or something that would make it stand out more, this is an album that I'd have to recommend to fans of the genre mostly.
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