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Fulgeance - Step Thru - CD
Fulgeance - Step Thru


Rx:tx rxtxcd021
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hip-hop / electro / techno.

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Second album for Fulgeance, this time on the Slovenian Rx:tx label, and with 12 tracks that take a slightly more hip-hop direction than the somewhat calmer and more introspect "To All Of You" debut. Most tracks are instrumental and still navigate somewhere between slightly breaky electro and more current, delicate techno, but the hip hop patterns (and voices on a few tunes) have a stronger influence on the whole album, which ends up sticking up a bit more than its predecessor. Considering the state of electronic, alternative hip-hop at the moment, this might be a hard-sell for Rx:tx, but here's again an album that deserves to be checked out.
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