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Fulgeance - To All Of You - 12"
Fulgeance - To All Of You

12" (vinyl)

Melting Pot Music MPM118LP
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electronica / downtempo / electro.

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This first album is also my first acquaintance to France's Fulgeance, as I had missed his past (and allegedly more hip-hop oriented) EPs. Clearly tapping heavily on the zeitgeist, "To All Of You" is a very coherent mash-up of "post"-dubstep melodies and tempo, a little bit of instrumental hip-hop beats, some glitch and long flowing arrangements. Not really as dubstep, this still reminds me at times of works by Jamie Vexd / Kuedo (for the retro feeling), and while this artist doesn't seem to have yet attained the level of recognition of similar new downtempo musicians, he certainly deserves it.
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