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Funkware - Sinestetic EP - digital
Funkware - Sinestetic EP

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Monochrome MNCH001
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drum'n'bass & jungle.

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I was totally again when checking this release at first. A new sublabel of Secion8 called "Monochrome", a rather bleak cover and a Bulgarian artist: I thought I was in for some deep, dark droning and basses, but it's more or less exactly the opposite that I heard on the two tracks of this "Sinestetic" EP. Both are really long, extremely sparse, dry and preset-rich, making me think that this producer might not have tons of experience behind him. Some people do this kind of midtempo, clear and at times empty d'n'b pretty well, but I am not sure that this was the intent here, as the production could also be improved quite a bit. Best of luck to Funkware, but I'll pass on this EP.
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