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Futon Disco + Carre - Living Bed - CD
Futon Disco + Carre - Living Bed
Carre / Futon Disco


Murder Channel MURCD-017
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industrial / noise / experimental.

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Now that's a weird one, even by the standards set by the constantly surprising Japanese scene and the Murder Channel label in particular. Starting off with a half hour-long live track which ranges from gritty ambient to stompy rhythmic industrial noise, "Living Bed" then switches to four studio collaborations between these two acts. It then still sounds very industrial, but a lot more on the Psychic TV, old-school side of things, with rock elements meeting proto-techno, the whole thing quite dark, distorted and just plain weird. It might make a lot more sense live, but for all of us who are not in Japan, I guess this is something that needs quite a few listen to be somewhat understood.
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