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Gator Bait Ten - Harvester - CD
Gator Bait Ten - Harvester
Gator Bait Ten

CD (CD) (also available on 12")

Ohm Resistance 20M OHMcd
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metal / (post) rock.

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A decade after Gator Bait Ten's first album and at a time where Mothboy might (or might not) be put on hiatus, Simon Smerdon resuscitates his first project together with his old partner M. Gregor Filip, and invites Swans' Ted Parsons (already heard on Mothboy's "Bunny") and Submerged's Kurt Gluck. Miles away from both Mothboy or The Blood Of Heroes (in which Filip and Gluck are also active), "Harvester" is a heavy, doom-laden, instrumental affair that borders somewhere between sluggish metal and massive post-rock. Very dark, gritty, dirty and not as electronic as one could expect, but very "nice". A good listen for pitch black nights.
The CD contains one more track than the LP version
mp3 excerpts:
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