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Genetix & Persist - Beast Mode / Stealth / Terminatopn - 12"
Genetix & Persist - Beast Mode / Stealth / Terminatopn
Genetix / Persist

12" (vinyl)

Audio Freaks PHREAKS024
File under
dubstep & grime.

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Same kind of "particular" artwork, same wobble-heavy mid-tempo dubstep tracks and dark-ish intent: Genetix could be more or less seen as the 2011 follow-up to Bar9. A bit more varied than its predecessor's and with a cleaner take at brostep (if this can make sense), the three tracks presented here, including one featuring Persist, are still of the same slow moving, heavy but classical dubstep kind that at times sounds like an elephant trying to escape from a pool of wet mud. Efficient though not particularly original.
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