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Ginormous - The Sound Of Love Impermanent - CD
Ginormous - The Sound Of Love Impermanent


Ant Zen (Hymen, Bazooka Joe) act245
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electronica / downtempo / avant garde / experimental.

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Excellent third album by Ginormous. While the first two were nice, I always thought that this problem was coming a bit too short and a bit too late. With this third CD, losely built around material written for a dance performance, Ginormous finally breaks away from the post-Gridlock, industrial-ized electronica mould and delivers something which is part Coil-esque (most of all a couple of tracks with vocals) part folk, and which doesn't necessarily takes much influence from the industrial scene. The result if contained but very clear, highly melodic, melancholic but not kitsch at all, and just sounds very good to me. My favorite Ant Zen release in quite some time.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
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