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Gunjack / Blackmass Plastics / Bracket - Ugly Boys Have More Fun - 12"
Gunjack / Blackmass Plastics / Bracket - Ugly Boys Have More Fun
Blackmass Plastics / Gunjack / Bracket

12" (vinyl)

Consume CSM02
File under
electro / rave / dubstep & grime.

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Varied but coherent compilation on Consume, starging up with a rather ravy and uptempo track by Gunjack, and getting much darker on the flipside. Blackmass Plastics's contribution is a mid-tempo, heavy and menacing dubstep number as we have grown to expect rom him. Closing up the record, the late and missed Bracket delivers a more energetic, bassy and percussive mixture of wobbly basses and breakbeats with a very strong dancefloor appeal. A solid 12" from the "other" UK dubstep scene.

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