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Guns Of Brixton - Cap Adare - CD
Guns Of Brixton - Cap Adare
Guns Of Brixton


L'Assaut Fantôme AF001
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metal / (post) rock.

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Don't worry, we aren't starting selling CD from Clash cover bands. A rather unknown and therefore underrated French act combining this country's love for all things dub and the current wave of post-rock, post-metal, post-whatever, Guns Of Brixton have given birth to quite a pearl with this "Cap Adare". Clearly in the vein of what Isis, Pelican, Cult Of Luna & co have been doing recently, but integrating some more laid back and (you guessed it) dubbier elements à la High Tone or Ezekiel, they come up with an album that combines the balance of force and beauty of the first and the more warm touch of the latter. Well done, and deserving recognition.
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recently called "he phattest, face ripping hip-hop record Germany has ever seen"