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Guns Of Brixton - Inlandsis - CD
Guns Of Brixton - Inlandsis
Guns Of Brixton


Aentitainment / L'Assaut Fantôme aent.018
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metal / (post) rock.

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While I had already enjoyed Guns Of Brixton's previous album for Aentitainment, this new "Inlandsis" is the one that really convinces me this French band is om something. Starting with a very Pelican / Red Sparowes opening track and slowly morphing into slightly harder and vocal-supported territories, "Inlandsis" benefits from a very clear and dynamic sound and a good balance between the darker, harsher parts and the more post-rock, Hydra Head-esque one. A very strong album for anybody who already has some Hydra Heads, Conspiracy or Neurot records on their shelves.
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