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Haujobb - Dead Market - digital
Haujobb - Dead Market

digital (digital download)

Tympanik Audio TA055
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industrial / pop.

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Daniel Myer's return to the Haujobb mainframe after some time dedicated to Architect and his participation to Covenant has taken the form of an EP presenting one new piece and seven alternate takes and remixes (by some people I don't know of, as well as The Horrorist or Absolute Body Control). Music-wise, we're in very well produced, anthemic, club-friendly EBM territory here, the remixes not really changing much from the original vibe of the song. While I still hold the first two Haujobb albums for very strong ones, this EP works on me less, but I am certain that there are legions of Haujobb fans out there just waiting to listen to it.
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"Run War" is crassic!