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Headhunter & Gatekeeper - Ginneys / Jellyfish - 12"
Headhunter & Gatekeeper - Ginneys / Jellyfish
Headhunter / Gatekeeper

12" (vinyl)

Transistor TRSR003
File under
dubstep & grime / techno.

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Things get a bit heavier than usual with this collaboration between Headhunter and Skull Disco's Gatekeeper. One side is very heavy handed on the dancefloor side, while the other, with its small vocal snippets, keep the heavy beats but is a bit more balanced and home-listening compatible. But the usual Ad Noiseam-standards, this thing still stays relatively contained but, yes, it's rather massive for Headhunter. As usual, though, it's high quality production, and something very zeitgeisty from Headhunter. Dubstep addicts should take notice.
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