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Hecate - Brew Hideous - digital
Hecate - Brew Hideous

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Sublight SLR1401
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breakcore / metal.

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Evil! Hecate's music has never been about fairies and Hello Kitties, but "Brew Hideous" is the definitive coming out for the metal fan, esoteric worshipper that Hecate is. Mixing guitar riffs and angry screams with her staccato beats and breaks, Hecate comes up on this album with something which reminds of her Raquel de Grimstone side-project, and also makes her a place in the rank of the breakcore artist taking a shot at the whole metal influence. Still similar to most of her output, but with added guitars and "evilness", and also featuring Navicon Torture Technologies on two tracks, "Brew Hideous" is the breakcore album that you can show to your black metal friends. Efficient, mean and blacker than black.
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