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Helmut Schaefer & Zbigniew Karkowski - Bisskraft - CD
Helmut Schaefer & Zbigniew Karkowski - Bisskraft
Helmut Schäfer / Zbigniew Karkowski


Ytterbium (YB70) YTTERBIUM 13
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New release on CD of a particularely demanding and grating sets played by these two essential figures of noise during a set in Austria back in 2004. Noisemonger and frequent Merzbow collaborator Zbigniew Karkowski and his partner Helmut Schäfer were having a particulary angry day, resulting in extremely dense material, full of white noises, feedback and square waveforms. The sound is lush and full, the tracks quite varied (with some nice evolutions from drones to walls of noise), and the whole thing should satisfy everybody into all out aural attacks, without much attitude but with impressive firepower.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
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