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Hupsy Down - Dub Against Dub / Dumb Cluck - 10"
Hupsy Down - Dub Against Dub / Dumb Cluck
Hupsy Down

10" (vinyl)

Destpub PUB#1
File under
dubstep & grime.

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And another one of these dubstep records with no information at all as to who the artist or the label are. Anyway, this time the whole thing comes on the ever-nice 10" format, and feature two relatively melodic and nicely flowing tracks of a relatively accessible kind. Slightly dubby, moderately heavy, this is the kind of record that works well as a slow introduction to dubstep (either in general or in a set). Let's go to the pub, then.
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when you can fix it by any distributor or label either i like it and send me a message please.