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Hypnoskull - Electronic Music Means War To Us 2 - CD
Hypnoskull - Electronic Music Means War To Us 2

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Ant Zen (Hymen, Bazooka Joe) act294
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industrial / rhythmic noise.

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Hypnoskull tips his hat to what might be his best known album (released already 12 years) ago to break five long years of silence. Things haven't much for this angry producer, though. From its very beginning till its end, this album is full of distorted beats, distortion mastered well passed the clipping point and furious rhythmic noise with a tad of drum'n'bass thrown here and there. The collaborations towards the end of the CD, with the likes of Needle Sharing and Dissecting Table, bring a bit of variation, but there's no denying that Hypnoskull sticks to his well known guns here, which also means that long time fans shouldn't hesitate to enjoy this.
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