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Hysteresis - Manifest - CD
Hysteresis - Manifest


Hands D181
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industrial / rhythmic noise.

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Quite an interesting album that this fourth album from Hysteresis (and their second on Hands). While I remembered this act as a purveyor of very dark but also very straightforward rhythmic noise, "Manifest" is a lot more varied than that, even under its camo-colored, skull-wearing cover artwork. The main background for all the tracks might be mid-tempo crunchy distorted beats, there are a lot of melodies thrown around (even though, I swear, a dub one at one point), the samples are quite well used, and there are enough pauses and breaks to let the listener breathe. Definitely not an over-the-top rhythmic noise album but something a bit more subtle and interesting.
This product is not in stock at the moment.
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