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iBenji - The Power EP - digital
iBenji - The Power EP

digital (digital download)

Section 8 Records (Plush Recordings) section8dub024d
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downtempo / dubstep & grime.

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Third release by the weirdly named (or Apple fan) iBenji on Section 8's dubstep series, this three track EP starts off in a rather downtempo, hip-hop-leaning way with an rather contained, cliché-free track, before turning into a more regular, wobble-heavy thing. The second and third track, obviously the most DJ-oriented of the lot, have decent drops and basslines, but might also appear a bit middle of the road to people listening to heavy dubstep (and sampling Snap! on the title track might quickly turn tiresome). Still, a nice little EP for DJ looking for some less well-known wobblism.
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