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Infinite Moment Of Composure - Turbulence - CD
Infinite Moment Of Composure - Turbulence
Infinite Moment Of Composure


Syrphe (Textolux) S015
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ambient / experimental / drones.

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Again on Syrphe, here comes another project driven by Lebanon's Munma, this time working together with his compatriot Liliane Chlela. Unlike what he did with Cedrik as Tasjiil Moujahed, Munma goes back here to more meditative, calm and droney atmospheres, in which beats either disappear or are relegated to glitches. This might be turbulent indeed, but in a rather smooth way, with the underlying distortion being kept to a rather modest level, and changes coming slowly into each tracks. Quite beautiful (though often atonal) and definitely mesmerizing.
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you can't feel the beating