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Innasekt / Sumone - Cluster / Zombie (remix) - 12"
Innasekt / Sumone - Cluster / Zombie (remix)

12" (vinyl)

Boka Records BOKA030
File under
dubstep & grime.

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Three years after the flooring "Structure" on Sprengstoff, Innasekt is back, this time on Boka, and in a much softer mood. His solo track, while dark and gritty, is a much more down-tempo affair that the record with which people here probably got first acquainted to this act. The flipside is an Innasekt remix of a track by Sumone, and ends up being another spacey and somber dubstep piece (free of any raggacore elements that one might have expected from Sumone). All in all a very solid two tracker, but of a much more classic thing that one could have expected.

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The track is not shown, in the full version quality of a sound in norm.