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IP Neva - Symbiosis Of Contradictions - digital
IP Neva - Symbiosis Of Contradictions
IP Neva

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Impulsive Art (Abstractive Records) IMA001
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electronica / dark / chill out.

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The greek electronic scene to be growing at a fast pace at the moment. Here comes a new label (Impulsive Art) with the first CD of a new artist (IP Neva), in the form of an elegant and very varied album mixing dark, industrial-ish electronica layers with the glitch elements of a Spyweirdos or Stavros Gasparatos, as well as a few accoustic guitars. The whole thing is rounded up by two much beatier remixes by Mobthrow and Abstractive Noise, and ends up being a very solid album for people who want to actively listen to flowing, nice but deep electronica.
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