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Ivan Shopov - Lights & Shadows - book + CD
Ivan Shopov - Lights & Shadows
Ivan Shopov

book + CD (CD / books)

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ambient / experimental.

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Excellent and luxurious book presenting on 66 (!) pages the detailled and imaginative of artwork of Ivan Shopov, better known around here as Balansky or Cooh. When this guy is neither in the studio writing heavy dubstep or banging d'n'b nor on stage, he spends hours creating weirdly evocative, poetic or violent imagery made of fine black & write drawings, displayed here in the manner of an exhibition catalog. And when the day is still not done, he writes droney, delicate ambient tracks such as the 17 presented on the CD coming with this book. Did I also say this was limited to 500 numbered copies? There is absolutely no excuse for passing on this.

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