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Jack Sparrow - Circadian - CD
Jack Sparrow - Circadian
Jack Sparrow


Tectonic (Earwax) TECCD009
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dubstep & grime / techno.

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Quite an interesting evolution that the one from this Bristol dubstep pirate: Jack Sparrow kicked in his career with some super heavy wobble on Senseless, went the way of the dub on Earwax, and has now been delivering some more "post" dubstep oriented, techno-leaning tracks for a few records on Tectonic. That's basically the way he goes with this first album, which is quite a straight affair, very driven and full of slightly accoustic drums (in a way that actually reminds me a lot of what 7even's output). And still, "Circadian" has a lot more weight and body than what you would expect, bringing the extra edge and bassiness that convinced me. This is clearly not early era Jack Sparrow anymore, but still quite a notch harder than most similar releases. A good one.
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