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Jakub23 - Flangebatter / Alter Of God - digital
Jakub23 - Flangebatter / Alter Of God

digital (digital download)

Sustained Records SSTDMP3 001
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drum'n'bass & jungle.

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Released back in 2009, this two tracker by Jakub23 was the first EP for which Sustained Records went digital only. "Flangebatter" is a hard hitting, very dry drum'n'bass track which reminds of Throttler on his harder days, while the more diverse "Alter Of God" features a nice sweeping melody in the background of the kind that one could have found in an Enduser track a few years ago. A nice little release that introduced us adequately to this act.
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Se toucher la nouille sur du death metal, y'a rien de plus épanouissant.