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Jayglo - Wiseau Funk / Glo Worm - 12"
Jayglo - Wiseau Funk / Glo Worm

12" (vinyl)

Boka Records BOKA034
File under
electronica / 8 bit / dubstep & grime.

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Very tasty for record for Vista's new Jayglo project, and an uncommonly "light" release on Boka. Full of old-school 8 bit melodies, playful arrangements and retro beats, this two tracker is a lot closer to what we recently heard coming from Numbers than from this label (who, after all, recently had a Broken Note 12"). It sounds (and is) quite fun, is referenced enough to fit well alongside plenty of other 8-bit infused funky dubstep, but doesn't overdo the homage thing. Recommended.

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"Run War" is crassic!