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Jean Ferraille - Manifeste A Son(s) - 12"
Jean Ferraille - Manifeste A Son(s)
Jean Ferraille

12" (vinyl)

Résistance Des Matériaux (Bruits De Fond) RDM02
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industrial / breakcore / experimental.

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And yes another moniker for Aphasia, this time with a very intense and rugged full length record which also features his Mistress Bomb H on vocals on a couple of tracks. There's a lot going on here, meaning that I might be something and be wrong on what was done, but it seems to me like a mixture of Neubauten-esque experimentations with metal scrapings, a lot of contact-mic noise, digital distortion and some new edit and loops in the end. "Manifeste à Son(s)" is definitely not a calm affair, but it's also not beat-driven as one would expect here. Very experimental but quite coherent, cohesive and more encompassing its listener than losing him. Dense.

Jean Ferraille is a Aphasia side project
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