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Jean-Jacques Perrey & Cosmic Pocket - Froots Juice (Fresh Remixes) - digital
Jean-Jacques Perrey & Cosmic Pocket - Froots Juice (Fresh Remixes)
Cosmic Pocket / Jean-Jacques Perrey

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In Vitro invitro012
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avant garde / experimental.

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When you get such an opportunity, you use it: "Froots Juice" is a companion double-CD remix album to "Froots", the excellent new album by veteran Jean Jacques Perrey and Cosmic Pocket. Invitro have here gathered a very nice selection of 29 artists, mostly from the IDM scene, to present their own version of the vitamin-rich album. From Kelpe to Freeform, Jega to Eero Johannes, Ebola to Wevie Stonder, you get the picture: more electronic madness, more twists, more fun, and a lot more Perrey. Made from concentrate, and with sugar added.
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